10 Queen Street, SURREY HILLS

10 Queen Street, SURREY HILLS

BOUGHT* RANGE - $1,570,800 - $1,750,650
Auctioneer Richard Earle told the crowd he would replace the popular neighbours with a great new family, and things looked promising when he secured an opening bid of $1,550,000. The bidder stood well back from proceedings and looked on as a vendor bid was then pencilled in at $1,575,000. Another $5000 raise from the original bidder was given the nod. A crowd search for some competition proved fruitless, and the property was passed in on the bid of $1,580,000 prompting a stroll inside for post auction negotiations. Bought after.
Saturday 17 March 2012, 1:00pm
Richard Earle, Jellis Craig
Sue Wooldridge, Jellis Craig
After Auction

Randall Smith
We surveyed 100 high wealth people on a "tricky" property and the "values" ranged between $3m and $12m.
That's incredible and that's dangerous.


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