8 Jessamine Avenue, PRAHRAN

8 Jessamine Avenue, PRAHRAN

BOUGHT* - $2,080,000
Around 50 people turned up for this auction which was situated in a nice quiet pocket of Prahran despite being close to many amenities. It was this aspect and the land content of the property that formed the major part of Phillip Kingston's preamble and was probably the main reason why no vendor bids were needed. The auction started off with a strong confident bid of $1,600,000 from an agent and it didn't take long for two more bidders to join in. Aided by the master of the tongue, Mr Kingston was in exemplary form using tantalising comments to push the bidders along. The methods proved useful as the property was knocked down at $2,050,000 which provided a fitting end to a good auction.
Saturday 31 March 2012, 10:30am
Phillip Kingston, Gary Peer
Darren Krongold, Gary Peer
Under Hammer

Joshua Bong
It's passed the first impressions test. Has it passed the gut test, the sleep test, the values test and the James Value and Negotiate test?
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