57 North Road, BRIGHTON

57 North Road, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - $2,020,000
One of the grand ladies of Brighton! In one of the grand avenues of Brighton! Tastefully revived for the new owners to enjoy some more grand living in one of the most conveniently located areas of Brighton. Delightful! Auctioneer John Bongiorno assembled the good crowd of onlookers in the spacious front garden and quickly got things under way. With a vendor opening bid of $1,700,000, John encouraged an early response and soon several offers emerged from the 3 bidders. On the market at $2,010,000 and bought under the hammer for $2,020,000.
Saturday 31 March 2012, 2:30pm
John Bongiorno, Marshall White
Barb Gregory, Marshall White
$1,700,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

David James
Boardroom auctions. If you've won 16 from 18 would you call that luck.

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