91 Kerferd Road, ALBERT PARK

91 Kerferd Road, ALBERT PARK

PASSED IN - $5,100,000
The crowd filled the backyard for this afternoon's auction. John Bongiorno was at the helm and announced that a vendor bid of $5,000,000 would be starting proceedings. It was put to the crowd for bids of $50,000. After a moment or two Bidder 1 came in for the requested amount, followed a few moments later by Bidder 2. A break was taken as the bidding came to a pause and upon return Bidder 1 offered a $10,000 rise. Mr Bongiorno suggested they meet in the middle at $25,000. Not willing to offer anything further, Bidder 1 bowed out and the property was passed in to Bidder 2 for private negotiations.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 1:30 PM
John Bongiorno, Marshall White - Albert Park
Michael Paproth, Marshall White - Albert Park
Passed In

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