10 Whyte Street, BRIGHTON

10 Whyte Street, BRIGHTON

PASSED IN - $2,385,000
A desultory affair at Whyte Street this morning. Auctioneer Michael Egan couldn't be more sincere in his explanation of the rules, or more enthusiastic of his appraisal of the home and the area, however the small crowd of about 40 watch on silently with little energy or action. He opens bidding at $2,250,000 and a $50,000 rise is offered by an elderly gent on the other side of the road with a swat of his brochure. Trying to stimulate action, Mr. Egan adds another vendor bid of $50,000, Bidder 1 adds a further $50,000. The auctioneer prods an Asian couple into action by asking them directly if they want to bid. This begins a confusing little exchange as it's fairly clear they are confounded by the numbers or the process or the imminent decision pending in front of them. They place one bid of $25,000, but are trumped by Bidder 1's rise of $10,000, and then in a lather of indecision or cold feet won't commit any further. Agents rush to assist them but the whole thing grinds to an unsatisfactory end and the home is passed in for $2,385,000.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 11:00 AM
Michael Egan, Century 21 - On Centre
Michael Egan, Century 21 - On Centre
$2,200,000(Vendor Bid)
Passed In

Catherine Ross
Divorce 50 %. Out of control reno 15%. Good home with James 1%. We're cheap.
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