41 Doonkuna Avenue, CAMBERWELL

41 Doonkuna Avenue, CAMBERWELL

BOUGHT* - $3,400,000
It was clear the audience at 41 Doonkuna Avenue, Camberwell were getting cold feet in more ways than just the bidding as the crowd were requested to take off their footwear before entering the home for inspection. While the fat stack of shoes sitting outside the home were rightfully back on their owners’ feet by the time auctioneer Glen Coutinho had begun proceedings, the property eventually passed in at $3,350,000 - a smidgeon above the quoted figure of $3-3.3 million. An opening bid of 3,100,000 did little to warm the toes of those present as two parties briefly went at it with head to head bids of $25,000, but never had quite enough gusto to reach the on-market price. While there was without question some interest at auction, the home was sold later for $3,400,000 indicating that perhaps all Mr Coutinho needed to do was offer a pair of thicker socks.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 10:30 AM
Glen Coutinho, RT Edgar (Boroondara) - Hawthorn Sales
Jeff Phillips, RT Edgar (Boroondara) - Hawthorn Sales
After Auction

Josh Lipshut
Is your negotiation strategy to buy the home nobody else wants at a price nobody else will pay?
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