28 Royal Crescent, ARMADALE

28 Royal Crescent, ARMADALE

PASSED IN - $3,650,000
The crowd gathered behind the cars in the petite and pretty street, awaiting the fall of the hammer. Auctioneer Gowan Stubbings appeared from the corner property and did not hide his admiration for the property. With an original quote set between $3,650,000 and $4,000,000, Mr Stubbings waited for an opening bid from the crowd, of which he received none. A vendor bid of $3,650,000 was then introduced and Mr Stubbings called for advances of $10,000. Unfortunately, no movement from the crowd could be seen either before or after the half-time break. With that, Mr Stubbings was forced to pass the property in at the original vendor bid of $3,650,000. The crowd lingered, appreciating the fall of the leaves in the autumn wind and hopefully to witness the sold sticker on the board soon after the close of the auction.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 1:00 PM
Gowan Stubbings, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
Emma Bloom, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
$3,650,000(Vendor Bid)
$3,650,000(Vendor Pass)
Passed In

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