4 Weir Street, KEW

4 Weir Street, KEW

BOUGHT* - $3,200,500
The crowd sprawled out over the sun-filled courtyard for today's auction conducted by Scott Patterson. Mr Patterson asked for an opening bid from the crowd, but there were no takers. So Mr Patterson got the ball rolling with a vendor bid of $2,900,000 and asked for a $50,000 rise. We didn't have to wait very long for Bidder 1 to raise their hand, but with further silence from the crowd a break was taken inside. Upon return Bidder 2 gave a rise of $10,000 which started the battle for the two. Bidder 1 mixed up their bids each time whilst Bidder 1 stayed with the $10,000 rises. Back and forth the battle went, Bidder 1 staying with strong, quick responses, whilst Bidder 2 was on the phone continuing with the same increments. We passed $3,000,000 and then $3,100,000 and it was asked if the property was "on the market yet" to the response of "not yet, but very close" from Mr Patterson. At $3,150,000 an agent rushed inside to seek vendor instructions and the bidding soon came to a halt while we waited for the verdict. Upon return we "were selling" and the same two Bidders continued. Soon Bidder 2 dropped to $500 bids and it looked to be the end, but they both continued. Bidder 1 made some larger rises to keep the competition guessing, but Bidder 2 wasn't out just yet. $3,200,000 was reached and Bidder 2 rose a further $500, and Bidder 1 shook their head in disbelief. It was all over. Bidder 1 had reached their limit and in a surprise twist Bidder 2 was the victor in this 30-minute battle.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 11:00 AM
Scott Patterson, Kay & Burton - Hawthorn
Geoff Hall, Kay & Burton - Hawthorn
$2,900,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

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