286 Richardson Street, MIDDLE PARK

286 Richardson Street, MIDDLE PARK

BOUGHT* - $2,620,000
A large crowd gathered in Middle Park to watch this unrenovated period home go to auction today. Damian O'Sullivan commenced the auction and got down to the action in no time. With an opening vendor bid of $2,000,000 Bidder 1 came in instantly with the requested $50,000 rise, followed a second later by Bidder 2 with the same rise. Some quick bids back and forth between the two bidders saw the amount rise to $2,400,000 and a break was taken inside to seek instructions. Upon return Mr O'Sullivan announced "we are selling" and Bidder 3 came in for $10,000. The battle was now between Bidder 2 and 3 and just as quickly as before we past $2,500,000. Bidder 2 slowed the pace by pausing between bids, but Bidder 3 came back quickly and strong each time. In what felt like only a few minutes Bidder 2 had reached their limit and with no further competition Bidder 3 had the property knocked down to them.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 12:30 PM
Damian O'Sullivan, Marshall White - Albert Park
Damian O'Sullivan, Marshall White - Albert Park
$2,000,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Rhianna Hoyle
1994-2005 Brighton: James Bought $400,000 - We Sold $2,225,000. Nothing done except two good decisions.
This is real. Has your advocate done this?
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