79 Victoria Street, SANDRINGHAM

79 Victoria Street, SANDRINGHAM

BOUGHT* - $2,100,000
Auctioneer Mark Earle needed a big voice to reach the small crowd of 25 people who had spread themselves far and wide in front of 79 Victoria Street. Mr Earle made it clear that he was here to sell and that he would not be stopping to refer to the vendor. 'I'm in your hands,' declared Mr Earle as he asked for an opening bid. It was a tough crowd and no one was ready to raise a hand. Not wanting to waste time, Mr Earle made a vendor bid of $1,900,000 and asked for bids of $20,000. This seemed enough to get things going with Bidder 1 and then Bidder 2, quickly placing their bids, swiftly taking the price to $1,960,000. With a brief stall, Mr Earle offered to take bids of $10,000 to make it easier. The property was passed in at $2,000,000 to Bidder 1, who successfully negotiated after the auction to purchase the home for $2,100,000.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 11:00 AM
Mark Earle, Buxton - Sandringham
Romana Altman, Buxton - Sandringham
$1,900,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

Kathy Russell
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