4 Hawksburn Road, SOUTH YARRA

4 Hawksburn Road, SOUTH YARRA

BOUGHT* - $2,920,000
Tucked away at the far end of Hawksburn Road, the crowd gathered to watch as the hammer fell for this property. Auctioneer Gerald Betts began with the usual preamble which soon gave way to calls for an opening bid. Quoting between $2,400,000 and $2,600,000, Mr Betts suggested a start of $2,400,000. After initially opening with this amount on behalf of the vendors, the first bidder of the auction came forward and met this amount. Bidder 2 then joined in and the auction was off and running. Quick bids of $10,000 were being made by both parties, who were eager to outbid one another. Bidder 1 decided to “have a rest” when the property reached $2,610,000, which was also when the property was on the market. Enter Bidder 3. Furiously quick bidding took place between Bidders 2 and 3, and Mr Betts struggled to wave his arms fast enough between the two parties. Soon, the bidding slowed, and eventually Bidder 3 bowed out, leaving Bidder 2 standing in victory buying the property for $2,920,000.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 2:00 PM
Gerald Betts, RT Edgar
Simon Jones, RT Edgar - Albert Park
Under Hammer

Bridget Agnoleto
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