25 James Street, SURREY HILLS

25 James Street, SURREY HILLS

BOUGHT* - $2,505,000
From where I was positioned auctioneer Simon Lord’s voice got drowned out by the stack of kids that were swinging, climbing and spinning around in the park. ‘One of the joyful sounds of life’, remarked Simon. We stood in James Street Park, directly opposite the home up for auction. Simon, a local, spoke insightfully about the area then offered a vendor bid of $2,100,000. Bidder 1 and 2 were in with $50,000 a piece and continued on. At $2,375,000 Bidder 3 entered, Bidder 1 added $25,000 and then agents broke for a chat to their clients. The next bid was a $10,000 and Simon called out, ‘Yes! On the market.’ At $2,415,000, Bidder 4 (a new dad as of yesterday) was in the running, this elicited a ‘Yay’ from our auctioneer a ‘Woo-hoo!’ in response from our new dad and some chuckles from the crowd. Bidder 4 looked keen in his late run but at $2,490,000 with adrenalin spent dismissively said ‘Oh, he can have it’. At $2,500,000 he was back (though he probably needed some sleep). The next bid from Bidder 2 bought the property. Applause. Yay! Woo-hoo! Quoted range: $2.2-2.42 million.
Saturday 27 May 2017, 11:00 AM
Simon Lord, Jellis Craig - Boroondara Group
Simon Lord, Jellis Craig - Boroondara Group
$2,100,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Randall Smith
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