68 Littlewood Street, HAMPTON

68 Littlewood Street, HAMPTON

BOUGHT* - $2,905,000
Colgate should have been the sponsor for this auction because there was big smiles all around. Robin Parker certainly had the crowd entertained through out this auction (see the video on our Facebook page). The bidding was strong from the 3 bidders. The bidding opened at $2,400,000. It was announced that it was on the market at $2,675,000 but Mr Parker said "We've been on the market for a while John. I knew you were going to ask that question" he responded to bidder 3 as though he knew him. He went on to say "So what I am going to do, since this man has asked that question, is to just wander inside to confirm with my vendors". The bidding rally continued after the break in mostly $5,000. It started to slow as bidder 3 ask for 6 "No, not $6,000, I'm just raising it to $6,000." Mr Parker responded, so it's just a $1,000 bid?" that it was and Mr Parker was gladly taking them. But bidder 2 was strong, she kept bids whole and did just as Mr Parker asked rounding to a nice full number - the crowd laughed again. As Bidder 1 bowed out, Mr Parker thanked him for being "with me since the beginning". Bidder 2 bought the home for $2,905,000 and there was more smiles!
Saturday 27 May 2017, 10:30 AM
Robin Parker, Marshall White
Robin Parker, Marshall White - Brighton
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Nicole Clarke
You're at a dinner party and suddenly you feel you're the elephant in the room. Nobody, but nobody can believe the price you paid.
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