18 Lynch Street, BRIGHTON

18 Lynch Street, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - Undisclosed
A mature crowd quietly waited as auctioneer John Clarkson enthused about 18 Lynch Street and its location. The crowd then continued to remain quiet when Mr Clarkson asked for bids. A round of applause was given when Mr Clarkson implored the crowd to recognize his 'outstanding introduction' yet… still no bids. Mr Clarkson attempted to get things going with a vendor bid of $2,600,000 and a request of $100,000 to get things moving. The crowd remained quiet. Mr Clarkson suggested public bidding was far better than a post auction 'bun fight', however the crowd could not be enticed. The property was passed in at $2,600,000. The property was later bought for an undisclosed price in the high two million range.
Saturday 9 September 2017, 12:30 PM
John Clarkson, Buxton - Brighton
John Clarkson, Buxton - Brighton
$2,600,000(Vendor Bid)
$2,600,000(Vendor Pass)
After Auction

Kathy Russell
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