136 Page Street, MIDDLE PARK

136 Page Street, MIDDLE PARK

PASSED IN - $6,250,000
It was a slow start at 136 Page Street Middle Park. Auctioneer Kaine Lanyon did his very best to encourage an opening bidder however no hands in the crowd of 90 were raised. After a lengthy pause, Mr Lanyon reluctantly put forward a vendor bid of $5,800,000 and called for bids of $25,000. Just when it looked like there would be no bids, Bidder 1 raised a hand, and Bidder 2 quick to follow, it looked like we were at last off and racing. At $6,050,000 Bidder 1 was out with a head shake. As Mr Lanyon began the countdown… Bidder 3, almost hidden across the road, joined in. At $6,250,000 the property was passed in to Bidder 2. Negotiations moved inside and the crowd slowly dispersed.
Saturday 9 September 2017, 2:30 PM
Kaine Lanyon, Marshall White - Albert Park
Kaine Lanyon, Marshall White - Albert Park
Passed In

Kathy Russell
Boardroom auctions. If you've won 16 from 18 would you call that luck.
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