54 Lucas Street, BRIGHTON EAST

54 Lucas Street, BRIGHTON EAST

BOUGHT* - $2,710,000
On a warm Saturday morning in Brighton, auctioneer David Hart conducted a tedious affair, eventually going under the hammer, but was forced to engage in a battle of wits with one particular bidder intent on offering $1,000 entries. Four overall bidders made for a volcano of an auction, but the opening bid was far cry from where things should have been with a $1,800,000 entry swatted away by a vendor bid of $2,400,000, at which point the show really began. Two more bidders entered the fray moments later and it was on for young and old as the parties went back and forth, climbing higher and higher. Only two remained a few minutes later but it was clear who the real player was with one side, previously unsuccessful with small bids (“we’re not buying shoes!” as Mr Hart had earlier bellowed) never really looking a chance. The property was eventually bought for $2,710,000.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 12:30 PM
David Hart, Buxton - Brighton
Jack Johnstone, Buxton - Brighton
$2,400,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Josh Lipshut
Divorce 50 %. Out of control reno 15%. Good home with James 1%. We're cheap.
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