79 Rowell Avenue, CAMBERWELL

79 Rowell Avenue, CAMBERWELL

BOUGHT* - $3,000,000
Auctioneer Cameron Way bends over and tries to get a starting bid from a toddler – the toddler gives him nothing. A crowd member breaks the ice to get things underway offering $2,000,000 (well below the range) so the first genuine bid is one for the vendor at $2,500,000. Bidder 2 eventually offers $2,550,000 after first wanting to match the vendor bid. It looks like this could be slow going but three other bidders surface to push the home to $2,700,000. Bidder 4 asks if we are on the market, we are not, and bidding halts for a time. Auctioneer Cameron Way maintains the interest and Bidder 6 is soon in. Three Bidders are still having a go. Agent Jason Hearn whips inside and returns to tell all that the home is selling when it hits $2,900,000. Two bidders tussle, both hesitating to reach the next milestone. Mr Way gives ample time for both bidders to find that extra rise, Bidder 6 finally rounding to $3,000,000 and winning the day.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 10:00 AM
Cameron Way, Woodards - Blackburn
Christine Bafas, Woodards - Blackburn
$2,500,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Randall Smith
By Victorian law the selling agent only acts for the seller. By Victorian law the buyer agent/advocate only acts for the buyer.
Who's really acting for you?
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