25 The Avenue, HAMPTON

25 The Avenue, HAMPTON

PASSED IN - $2,500,000
Peter Hickey had a well spread out crowd on this corner property today. He commenced the auction and asked for an opening bid of $2,400,000. With no willing participants, it was left to Mr Hickey to make a vendor bid of that amount. After a few further minutes of waiting and no bidding from the crowd another vendor bid of $2,500,000 was made. Mr Hickey was clear that no break would be taken, but with no bidders all that was left was to pass the property in.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 11:30 AM
Peter Hickey, Buxton - Sandringham
Peter Hickey, Buxton - Sandringham
$2,400,000(Vendor Bid)
$2,500,000(Vendor Pass)
Passed In

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