2 Blackfriars Close, TOORAK

2 Blackfriars Close, TOORAK

BOUGHT* - $4,160,000
Auctioneer Phil de Fegely was a joy to witness as he deftly explained the property and the Auction rules and regulations. Not a moment was wasted and the small crowd was fully engaged as we quickly got down to business. Mr de Fegely’s suggestion of an opening bid of $3,800,000 was accepted by Bidder 1. Calmly Bidder 2 responded with a bid of $50,000. In a slow two-horse race the bidding climbed and then stalled. After a quick visit in to the vendor, Mr de Fegely reminded the crowd that he was here to sell and that we were getting close to the reserve. At $4,100,000 the property was on the market and the two bidders continued with bids that were getting smaller, but not any faster. At $4,160,000 Bidder 1 held the bid. Bidder 2 declared that they were done, got in their car and drove away, leaving Bidder 1 as the successful bidder. Mr de Fegely led the crowd to applaud.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 1:00 PM
Phil de Fegely, Shape Property
Jamie Weir, Shape Property
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Kathy Russell
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