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27 Ferguson Street, BRIGHTON EAST

27 Ferguson Street, BRIGHTON EAST

BOUGHT* - $1,872,500
Stephen Smith starts today's auction with a couple of vendor bids to get things moving and his tactic seems to work as two buyers engage and then battle for the home. Opening with a vendor bid of $1,600,000 and then raising to $1,650,000 Bidder 1 is enticed to participate and offers a $25,000 rise. Mr Smith calls it three times and this is enough to spur Bidder 2 into action and the two of them rattle along until $1,750,000 without a pause as the home is called on the market. We're at $1,825,000 with Bidder 2 getting nervous at the bids jumping ahead and politely asks if we still have to be at $25,000 rises. Mr Smith says he's happy to accept any number, so Bidder 2 thankfully offers $10,000. Bidder 1 rises to $1,850,000 but Bidder 2 isn't done and matches with his own addition of $15,000. At $1,865,000 a small child in the crowd is carried away with the atmosphere and yells out "fifty!". Mr Smith assures him he'd be happy to take his bid if he was a little taller and the embarrassed father clamps a hand over his mouth. With barely a pause Mr Smith keeps the action focused on the main game, and starts to call the property down at $1,865,000 but is still casting around for any further rises, even a thousand will do. The crowd are sure it was over but Bidder 1 came back with $5,000 however Bidder 2 held strong walking away with the keys with his final bid of $2,500. The home is bought for $1,872,500.
Saturday 25 November 2017, 10:30 AM
Stephen Smith, Marshall White - Brighton
Ben Vieth, Marshall White - Brighton
$1,600,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Catherine Ross
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