35 Windermere Crescent, BRIGHTON

35 Windermere Crescent, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - $3,600,000
There's a large construction site opposite the home in Windermere Crescent, Brighton so it's just as well that David Hart has his microphone as the sounds of building continue unabated throughout the long auction. Mr Hart runs rapidly through the preliminaries and calls for an opening bid. One is proffered at $2,800,000 but Mr Hart decided it's too low and placed a vendor bid above it at $3,100,000 and casts about for further rises. Bidders 2 and 3 agree and Mr Hart tries very hard to keep them at the $25,000 increment declaring that it's easy when four bids equal a nice round $100,000 and although he is challenged at every turn with lower offers he sticks to his guns and we progress along quite happily, although to be fair it takes quite some encouragement. At $3,300,000 Bidder 4 enters the contest and at $3,400,000 Mr Hart is prepared to be more flexible with the bidding as we are now on the market. Bidder 2 drops away and the bids drop to $2,500 and then at $3,500,000 they drop still further to $1,000. Now it's a game of ping pong as we go back and forward across the road, and despite an occasional jump in increment from the young couple it seems that whoever can stick it out the longest will be the eventual winner. Finally, at $3,600,000 after at least fifty $1,000 bids the auction concluded and the home was bought.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 1:30 PM
David Hart, Buxton - Brighton
Phillip Mellody, Buxton - Brighton
$3,100,000(Vendor Bid)
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