57 Park Road, MIDDLE PARK

57 Park Road, MIDDLE PARK

BOUGHT* - $3,845,000
Warwick Gardiner commenced the auction with a moderate size crowd today, by the end of the auction the crowd had almost doubled in size. The bidding felt the same. When Mr Gardiner asked for an opening bid, Bidder 1 responded with $2,800,000 only for Mr Gardiner to vendor bid above at $3,200,000. Bidder 1 came back in for a $10,000 rise. Then followed a few minutes of silence from the crowd and after the third count from Mr Gardiner Bidders 2 and 3 came in simultaneously taking the bid to $3,230,000. Bidder 1 tried to make a $5,000 rise though Mr Gardiner was staying in $10,000s. A pause in the bidding resulted in a break taken inside. Upon return, Bidder 1's $5,000 was accepted and Bidder 3 came in strongly for the same. Bidder 2 quickly responded and there was a sudden influx of $10,000 rises back and forth between Bidders 2 and 3. Bidder 3 reached $3,400,000 and asked "is it on the market?" only to be advised that we were not there yet. A few moments later Bidder 3 reached $3,500,000 and again asked the question, only to receive the same answer. As the bidding reached $3,600,000 an agent rushed inside and when they returned the bid of $3,620,000 was announced that "we are selling". The bids were quick and strong. Bidder 3 was not hesitating whilst Bidder 2's pauses were getting longer each time. The bids reduced to $5,000 increments and Bidder 3 made some $10,000 jumps at times. Just when we thought Bidder 2 was out a final bid of $3,845,000 was made and Bidder 3 had reached their limit and was out. Bidder 2 had held on to be the buyer.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 1:30 PM
Warwick Gardiner, Greg Hocking Holdsworth - Albert Park
Warwick Gardiner, Greg Hocking Holdsworth - Albert Park
$3,200,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

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