27 Beech Street, MALVERN EAST

27 Beech Street, MALVERN EAST

BOUGHT* - $2,810,000
Auctioneer Steve Burke warmly greeted the large crowd and reminded them that this was the time to buy if they wanted to be in their new home by Christmas. Asking for an opening bid of $2,600,000 Mr Burke reluctantly accepted $2,500,000 from Bidder 1. In a moment of poor timing, a large truck then drove slowly through the auction and pulled up ready to make a delivery. With some encouragement it moved on and the auction was able to continue, albeit slowly. Mr Burke implored the crowd to ‘bid to buy’ as he placed a vendor bid of $20,000. Bidder 2 then joined in and the price crawled upward with Mr Burke working hard to entice further bids. When it looked like the property was about to be passed in to Bidder 1, Bidder 3 raised their hand and with only two bold bids took the price to $2,750,000. The property was passed in to Bidder 3 and negotiations moved inside where it was bought after negotiations.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 12:00 PM
Steve Burke, Hocking Stuart - Glen Iris
Steve Burke, Hocking Stuart - Glen Iris
After Auction

Kathy Russell
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