168 Dow Street, PORT MELBOURNE

168 Dow Street, PORT MELBOURNE

BOUGHT* - Undisclosed
After the introduction was completed and bidding was requested, we didn't have to wait long for Bidder 1 to open at $3,300,000. Straight away another bidder offered a rise of $10,000, though auctioneer Sam Gamon was asking for $50,000. A further bidder quickly bounced back and forth with Bidder 1 and we had reached $3,500,000 in what felt like only a few seconds. With a pause from the bidding a break was taken inside. Upon return Mr Gamon announced he would now accept $10,000 increments. But this did not entice any further bidding. A second break was taken and still no further bidding was made, so the property was passed into Bidder 2 for private negotiations.
Saturday 28 October 2017, 1:00 PM
Sam Gamon, Chisholm & Gamon Property Port Melbourne - Port Melbourne
Jon Kett, Chisholm & Gamon Property Port Melbourne - Port Melbourne
After Auction

Rhianna Hoyle
Intel: They have a complete file on you - every home you visit, you bid on, you talk about. KGB? No, it's a selling agent.
James protects your privacy.
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