15 Hartwell Hill Road, CAMBERWELL

15 Hartwell Hill Road, CAMBERWELL

BOUGHT* - Undisclosed
‘Lucky 88,’ announced Jerry Yeghichian as he put this sizeable family home near Fordham village to market. $3,400,000 was the swift bidder opening and Bidder 2 came with a $50,000 rise. A couple more bids from these two saw it sitting at $3,600,000. A vendor referral and a bit more movement saw it in the hands of Bidder 2 as they headed indoors to negotiate upon a pass in.
Saturday 25 November 2017, 11:00 AM
Jerry Yeghichian, Buxton Camberwell - CAMBERWELL
Rena Mihalopoulos, Buxton Camberwell - CAMBERWELL
After Auction

Randall Smith
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