76 Littlewood Street, HAMPTON

76 Littlewood Street, HAMPTON

BOUGHT* - $2,000,000
It's hot! Buxton's Adam Gillon has his jacket off and the crowd of about 50 stand limply in the shade hoping for a bit of sea breeze. Mr Gillon briskly runs through the preliminaries and calls for bids - anywhere at all. A gent leaning on the fence behind him low balls him with $1,600,000 and Mr Gillon places a vendor bid above him at $1,700,000 and asks him to co-operate by placing a bid in the more realistic zone. He asks for $25,000 but Bidder 1 offers $10,000 and it's too hot to argue. However, Bidder 2 leaps in and he's not mucking about, and takes the bidding up to $1,800,000. Bidder 1 adds another $10,000 and Bidder 2 takes it up to the even hundred again and before Mr Gillon can call it on the market and we are now at $1,900,000. Once again Bidder 1 adds $10,000 to the total but Bidder 2 is unflinching and follows his pattern of rising to the nearest even hundred. We're at $2,000,000 with barely half-a-dozen bids and Bidder 1 folds his cards as the paper slaps the hand to signal that the property is bought under the hammer at an even $2,000,000.
Saturday 25 November 2017, 1:30 PM
Adam Gillon, Buxton - Sandringham
Greg Downes, Buxton - Sandringham
Under Hammer

Catherine Ross
He's not listening is he? Let James help you pull him into line?
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