59 Manningtree Road, HAWTHORN

59 Manningtree Road, HAWTHORN

BOUGHT* - $4,300,000
Tim Derham commenced the auction with a vendor bid of $3,900,000. After a few moments of silence Bidder 1 gave the requested rise of $50,000 to be shortly followed by the same from Bidder 2. Bidder 1 came straight back and then Bidder 3 joined in at $4,100,000. back and forth the battle went between Bidder 1 and 3. A break was taken inside and confirmation was made at $4,250,000 that the home was selling. Bidder 3 offered $10,000 and Bidder 1 made a strong jump which turned out to be really effective when Bidder 3 was adamant they were out and the property bought by Bidder 1 at $4,300,000.
Saturday 3 March 2018, 11:00 AM
Tim Derham, Abercromby's Real Estate - Armadale
Simon Curtain, Abercromby's Real Estate - Armadale
$3,900,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Rhianna Hoyle
Instant gratification is for chocolate bars, not $m home buying decisions.
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