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24 Turner Street, MALVERN EAST

24 Turner Street, MALVERN EAST

BOUGHT* - $4,700,000
When Auctioneer Mark Wridgway was met by silence when calling for opening bids, he used it as an opportunity to discuss the peace and tranquillity of life in the Gascoigne Estate. Under the dappled shade of the tall trees, it wasn’t silent for long. Bidder 1 promptly stepped up with an opening bid of $3,800,000. Mr Wridgway seemed bemused and asked for bids of $25,000. Fairly quickly Bidders 2 and then 3 joined in, with Mr Wridgway coaching them to “Bid bold and don’t let them see you hesitate.’ Bidder 1 dropped out early and settled back to watch. Just as it seemed set to slow at $3,940,000 Bidder 4, on the phone, joined in with a bid of $10,000. There were bids to the left, right and centre. At $4,100,000 the home was on the market and Bidder 2 had bowed out. Now it was a two-horse race, or actually more like a tennis game with bids bouncing from one side to the other between Bidders 3 and 4. Mr Wridgway, swinging like a jazz band from one side to the next, called to the bidders to “bid strong to buy’. At $4,700,000 Bidder 4 hung up the phone and with a shake of the head, was out. The property was bought by Bidder 3.
Saturday 3 March 2018, 12:00 PM
Mark Wridgway, RT Edgar - Toorak
James Paull, RT Edgar - Toorak
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