17 Denbigh Road, ARMADALE

17 Denbigh Road, ARMADALE

PASSED IN - $6,600,000
There was ample room for the 60-strong crowd to gather in the front yard of this Armadale property, as well as the booming voice of auctioneer Gerald Delany and his signature hat. The property spoke for itself and Mr Delany felt no need to reiterate what everyone in the audience knew - perfect family home, and close to many vibrant shops and entertainment precincts. Kicking things off with a vendor bid of $6,600,000, Mr Delany called for advances of $50,000. No movement from the crowd apart from a couple kids raising their arms, believing they had the funds to participate in this auction. Mr Delany retreated indoors to confer with vendors and soon returned to another set of silence. Mr Delany then pronounced the property as passed in at the original vendor bid of $6,600,000 and encouraged interested parties to continue conversations following the auction.
Saturday 3 March 2018, 12:00 PM
Gerald Delany, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
Emma Bloom, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
$6,600,000(Vendor Bid)
$6,600,000(Vendor Pass)
Passed In

Bridget Agnoleto
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