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15 Fairbairn Road, TOORAK

15 Fairbairn Road, TOORAK

BOUGHT* - $4,013,000
This afternoon auction took place at the peak of today’s heat, leaving the audience to seek out the relatively limited shade out the front of this property. Auctioneer Gowan Stubbings held centre stage, easily commenting about how aesthetically pleasing the property was, with the help of one of Australia’s most “impressive” architects. Mr Stubbings called for an opening bid and had his wish granted quickly - $3,600,000. Initally requesting advances of $25,000, the property reached $3,625,000 and bidding stalled. Mr Stubbings conferred with the vendors, returned to the crowd and was more than prepared to pass the property in, until a bidding frenzy between Bidders 1 and 2 took place. Increases of $10,000, down to $5,000, $2,500, and $1,000 were being made. Bidder 3 made a quick appearance but did not stick around too long. In among this bidding, a walker-by decided it was a good time to check out the property before Mr Stubbings said that it probably wasn’t a good time to do so. Eventually, Bidder 2 declared he was “definitely, unequivocally out”. This did not stop Mr Stubbings from confirming this a couple times. After no further bidders perked up, the property was then announced as bought at $4,013,000.
Saturday 3 March 2018, 1:00 PM
Gowan Stubbings, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
Darren Lewenberg, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
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Bridget Agnoleto
The auction is this Saturday. Do you wing it or call James, the $m+ auction success story.
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