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24 Codrington Street, SANDRINGHAM

24 Codrington Street, SANDRINGHAM

PASSED IN - $2,625,000
Auctioneer Steve Tickell began by asking the crowd to start the bidding off. When no bids were made, Mr Tickell placed a vendor bid of $2,550,000, commenting that getting the property for this price would be a bargain. Shortly after, Bidder 1 raised their hand and placed a bid of $2,575,000. They were matched by Bidder 2 who placed a bid of $2,600,000, which was followed by Bidder 1 placing a bid of $2,625,000. Shortly after, the property was passed in.
Saturday 3 March 2018, 2:30 PM
Stephen Tickell, Hocking Stuart - Sandringham
Jenny Dwyer, Hocking Stuart - Sandringham
$2,550,000(Vendor Bid)
Passed In

Emily Powell
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