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13 Wilks Avenue, MALVERN

13 Wilks Avenue, MALVERN

BOUGHT* - $6,300,000
A large crowd, swollen further by the participants of a Malaysian Real Estate Institute tour, gathered quietly under the trees outside 13 Wilks Street. When no bids were offered to open the auction, auctioneer Jeremy Fox, used it as an opportunity to highlight the quiet nature of the street. Wasting no further time, Mr Fox opened the bidding with a vendor bid of $5,500,000. Eventually Bidder 1 offered a rise of $20,000 and we were off and racing, with Bidder 2 quickly matching the bid. Boldly Bidder 1 then took it to $5,700,000. Bidder 2, stayed with it and again offered another $20,000. Quickly the price climbed between the two bidders to $5,950,000 where it then paused. At this juncture, Mr Fox stepped quickly inside to consult with the vendors. Upon his return Mr Fox declared that we were close, but not quite on the market. Mr Fox reminded the crowd that if the reserve price was not achieved, they would deal with the highest bidder. Confidently, Bidder 2 offered an additional $50,000 taking the price to $6,000,000. Without hesitation, Bidder 1 called out a bid of $100,000. Bidder 2 and their group shook their heads and bowed out. The property was passed in to Bidder 1 for $6,100,000. It was later bought for an undisclosed price in post-auction negotiations.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 11:00 AM
Jeremy Fox, RT Edgar - Toorak
Jeremy Fox, RT Edgar - Toorak
$5,500,000(Vendor Bid)
After Auction

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