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45 Monomeath Avenue, CANTERBURY

45 Monomeath Avenue, CANTERBURY

BOUGHT* - $4,400,000
Great street, a big gathering and auctioneer John Bongiorno skipping across town to take control of proceedings. It would be fair to assume from the setting that numerous bidders looked ready to have a go here, but as it turned out, it would be a fairly cautious and drawn out battle between two bidders only. An opening vendor bid of $4,000,000 (at the low end of the range) opened up, a vendor referral soon took place after Bidder 1 chimed in with a $50,000 rise. Bidder 2 then came in with $4,100,000 and it moved mostly in $10,000 amounts there on. At $4,300,000 the bid was referred and the property soon announced on the market. Both bidders would be eyeing this Golden Mile position as land (It is one of the smaller blocks along Monomeath). Bidding slowed to $5000s. Bidder 2 began to hesitate and when Bidder 2 reached $4,400,000 (the top of the advertised range) the contract was slapped down in their favour.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 11:30 AM
John Bongiorno, Marshall White - Boroondara
Stuart Evans, Marshall White - Boroondara
$4,000,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Randall Smith
Opinions that count. The sellers. The highest bidder and .....?
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