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25 Denham Place, TOORAK

25 Denham Place, TOORAK

BOUGHT* - $5,500,000
With a Toorak address and postcode under its belt and a keen crowd watching on, this property went under the hammer under the increasingly warm afternoon sun. Auctioneer Hugh Hardy was complimentary of the property, emphasising the number of options that could be available upon purchase of the home. A hopeful first bid of $4,000,000 was on the table for a mere millisecond before Mr Hardy placed a vendor bid of $4,500,000. Calling for advances of $50,000, Mr Hardy faced a quiet and uncooperative crowd. A second bidder offered an advance of $20,000, which was rejected, followed by a half-time break. Mr Hardy soon returned and the bidding had a burst of excitement, which pushed the property up to $4,890,000. Another break to confer with the vendors confirmed the property’s status as on the market. One additional bidder participated at this point, with rises of $30,000 and $20,000 being tossed forward. Eventually, the property reached $5,500,000, at which point one bidder clearly stated that they were “out”. This led Mr Hardy to pronounce the property as bought at $5,500,000.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 2:30 PM
Hugh Hardy, Abercromby's Real Estate - Armadale
Hugh Hardy, Abercromby's Real Estate - Armadale
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