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94 Orlando Street, HAMPTON

94 Orlando Street, HAMPTON

BOUGHT* - $2,595,000
Michael Egan of Century 21 is conducting the auction today and he lets us know there has been plenty of interest so we're expecting a bit of action while standing in the sunshine, and we're not disappointed. He calls confidently for bidding and a hopeful potential buyer offers $1,700,000 which is immediately overridden by Michael placing a vendor bid closer to expectations of $2,100,000. He calls for a $50,000 rise and while the first hopeful bidder is quiet, Bidders 2 and 3 draw him into the contest, with Bidder 2 hoping to land a knockout with a bid of $2,200,000. It still isn't enough to get us going so Michael places a final vendor bid of $2,300,000, and then waits patiently for the buyers to catch up, before Bidder 3 enters the game with a further $25,000, matched by Bidder 2. Bidder 1 only wants to offer $20,000 so at $2,370,000 the property is announced on the market and Bidders 2 and 3 settle in with some larger jumps and Bidder 1 is out. We quickly rise over $2,500,000 with Bidders 2 and 3 playing a steely game to outpace each other with a small bid followed by a larger bid to try and elicit the white flag from the opposition. They stall at $2,520,000, before again grittily tussling in really quite bold bidding for the tail end of the auction. Bidder 2 starts to falter at $2,555,000 but gamely plays on as the price rises to $2,590,000. Bidder 3 trumps at $2,595,000 and Bidder 2 slashed his brochure horizontally through the air showing he is finally and absolutely out. He means it ! - and Bidder 3 takes the keys at $2,595,000.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 11:00 AM
Michael Egan, Century 21 - On Centre
Michael Egan, Century 21 - On Centre
$2,100,000(Vendor Bid)
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