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25 Barrington Avenue, KEW

25 Barrington Avenue, KEW

BOUGHT* - $3,621,000
The crowd assembles along the side of the garden. Auctioneer Richard Earle opens the auction with a series of vendor bids. Bidder 1 steps in at $3,300,000, and battles Bidder 2 with $25,000 raises back and forth. The bid rises to $3,495,000 at which point Bidder 3 enters with $3,500,000. The bid rises in $5,000 increments. Bidder 4 joins in to raise to $3,525,000. All four bidders are still in the running and the price continues to rise. Bidder 1 asks permission to raise $1,000. The bid continues to rise to $3,620,000. Bidder 1 gives it one last try and wins the auction for $3,621,000.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 11:00 AM
Richard Earle, Jellis Craig - Boroondara Group
Richard Winneke, Jellis Craig - Boroondara Group
$3,200,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Kieran Jiwa
1994-2005 Brighton: James Bought $400,000 - We Sold $2,225,000. Nothing done except two good decisions.
This is real. Has your advocate done this?
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