47 Surrey Road, SOUTH YARRA

47 Surrey Road, SOUTH YARRA

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Seeking refuge from the heat, the crowd scattered far and wide to find a patch of shade, auctioneer Jim Alexander needed a strong voice. After a fairly lengthy description of the home and neighbourhood, Bidder 1 got straight to the point with a bid of $4,200,000. Mr Alexander called for a rise of $50,000 and was bemused when he was asked by someone in the crowd if the property was on the market. After repeated calls for additional bids and one quick visit inside, the property was passed in to Bidder 1 for $4,200,000. Negotiations then moved inside.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 1:30 PM
Jim Alexander, RT Edgar - Toorak
Anthony Grimwade, RT Edgar - Toorak
After Auction

Kathy Russell
He's not listening is he? Let James help you pull him into line?
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