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62 Avoca Street, SOUTH YARRA

62 Avoca Street, SOUTH YARRA

BOUGHT* - $6,000,000
The crowd were mingling and enjoying the warm sunshine on their backs when auctioneer Gowan Stubbings emerged from the front doors of the property and got the auction underway. Mr Stubbings did nothing to hide his fondness for not only the property but the street itself, remarking that it was one of “the best streets in Melbourne”. Enough said - bidders at the ready. Calling for an opening bid from the crowd, Mr Stubbings had his wish granted and was offered an even $6,000,000. Asking for rises of $20,000, Mr Stubbings had no other bidders chomping at the bit. After taking a short break to confer with the vendors, Mr Stubbings returned and remarked that they were not far away from pronouncing the property as on the market, also noting that the owners had resided in the property for the last 20 years. No further movement from the crowd was made. Mr Stubbings returned indoors to confer with bidders yet again. When he returned, Mr Stubbings suddenly revealed that the property was on the market at $6,000,000. However, no further advances were made and the property was pronounced as bought soon thereafter.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 12:00 PM
Gowan Stubbings, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
Tom Staughton, Kay & Burton - South Yarra
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