25 Albion Street, SOUTH YARRA

25 Albion Street, SOUTH YARRA

BOUGHT* - $2,160,000
Before auctioneer Nathan Waterson could finish his opening speech, Bidder 1 confidently called out his opening bid of $1,800,000. Bidder 1 then raised his own bid up to $2,000,000 despite having no competition. It was then that Bidder 2 called out a bid of $2,100,000 and the bidding war begun. After battling each other for a short time, Bidder 2 was the successful buyer of this South Yarra property with a winning bid of $2,160,000.
Saturday 17 March 2018, 1:00 PM
Nathan Waterson, Jellis Craig - Armadale
Daniel Joyce, Jellis Craig - Armadale
Under Hammer

Emily Powell
Client had been looking for 2 years with no success. 3 weeks with James and bought.
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