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10 Exon Street, BRIGHTON

10 Exon Street, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - $2,710,000
Auctioneer David Hart asks for an opening bid - $2,100,000 was offered from Bidder 1. Deciding to bring us closer to the reserve, Mr Hart places a vendors bid of $2,300,000 and calls for a $50,000 rise. Bidder 2 agrees to $2,300,000 – which is accepted and also Bidder 3 joins the race. Bidders 2 and 3 dig in and even though they cut the bids very quickly from $50,000 to $25,000, the next bid is from Bidder 1 who offers $10,000 and it is accepted. Bidders 2 and 3 continue the race and before we knew it we're at $2,470,000. At $2,520,000 we're on the market while Bidder 2 is under serious threat as no matter what he does, Bidder 3, calm as could be, just raises his hand to advance his lead. Bidder 1 wants to join back in, but Mr Hart said that the house is appreciating faster than they can bid, and it's true because Bidders 2 and 3 are staunch and even though there's a brief pause we are at $2,620,000 while the two bidders draw breath. They rise to $2,700,000 at a lightening pace, and at $2,700,000 Bidder 2 pauses meaningfully and it looks like he's done. Mr Hart advises never to stop on an even number, and while this seems like good logic and Bidder 2 obligingly offers another $5,000, he really is done, and Bidder 3 comes over the top with his winning bid of $2,710,000.
Saturday 19 May 2018, 12:30 PM
David Hart, Buxton - Brighton
Gary Yue, Buxton - Brighton
$2,300,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

Catherine Ross
Talk a lot, listen little and the deal will be done in no time.
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