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27 Ryeburne Avenue, HAWTHORN EAST

27 Ryeburne Avenue, HAWTHORN EAST

BOUGHT* - $5,200,000
The crowd huddled in the driveway, spilling out onto the footpath. James Tostevin commenced the auction and didn't have to wait long for the first bid of $4,500,000. After a short pause Bidder 2 came in with the requested rise of $25,000 and Bidder 1 jumped straight to $4,600,000. Bidder 2 rose by a further $25,000 and Bidder 1 jumped to $4,700,000. Bidder 2 again came back with $25,000 though Bidder 1 stayed silent. A break was taken inside and upon return the bidding recommenced almost immediately. Bidder 1 continued with their pattern, jumping to $4,800,000 and Bidder 2 followed suit with $25,000. On the next bid we reached reserve and Bidder 2 responded with a rise of $10,000 and Bidder 1 jumped again to $5,000,000. The pattern continued until Bidder 2 paused and after some time and offered $5,110,000. Bidder 1 responded quickly with $5,200,000 and Bidder 2 wished them all the best and bowed out of the contest.
Saturday 19 May 2018, 11:30 AM
James Tostevin, Marshall White - Boroondara
James Tostevin, Marshall White - Boroondara
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