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31 South Road, BRIGHTON

31 South Road, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - $3,701,500
Auctioneer David Hart perched himself on a small hill - similar to a stage in the large front yard of 31 South Road, Brighton. The auction was quick to set off with a bid of $3,300,000. Mr Hart requested rises of $50,000 and with little to no waiting time another bidder entered. Bidder 1 requested $10,000 rises but Mr Hart insisted on $25,000. Another bidder entered - there was silence from Bidder 1. Just as we thought the auction was over the first bidder stepped back in with a bid of $3,705,000. Mr Hart welcomed her back. While Bidder 3 shook his head to say he’s out - Bidder 2 placed a rise of $5,000. Bidder 1 eagerly followed with $3,715,000 and the property was bought.
Saturday 19 May 2018, 10:30 AM
David Hart, Buxton - Brighton
Stefan Whiting, Buxton - Brighton
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