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342 Bay Street, PORT MELBOURNE

342 Bay Street, PORT MELBOURNE

BOUGHT* - $2,403,000
Auctioneer Sam Paynter started the auction stating that there is “exciting things to come” and he was in fact right. A Bidder opened with an offer of $1,800,000 with Mr Paynter taking a vendor bid of $2,000,000. There was then no messing around as two bidders quickly entered the race. Back and forth the two bidders duelled and shortly after a third bidder entered. Bidder 2 stepped out of the race. Getting down to the nitty gritty, rises were now up by $1,000. As another bidding duel started between Bidder 1 and 3 the property was finally bought for $2,403,000 by Bidder 3.
Saturday 19 May 2018, 1:30 PM
Sam Paynter, Greg Hocking Holdsworth - Albert Park
Sam Paynter, Greg Hocking Holdsworth - Albert Park
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Natalie Sullivan
Intel: They have a complete file on you - every home you visit, you bid on, you talk about. KGB? No, it's a selling agent.
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