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8 Sargood Street, HAMPTON

8 Sargood Street, HAMPTON

PASSED IN - $1,850,000
Auctioneer Mark Earle was relaxed and ‘happy to talk all day’ about the many benefits of the Hampton lifestyle and the many new wine bars frequented by local real estate agents. Unfortunately, Mr Earle had no bidders. After opening with a vendor bid of $1,850,000, Mr Earle passed this property in to his second vendor bid of $1,900,000.
Saturday 8 September 2018, 11:30 AM
Mark Earle, Buxton - Sandringham
Scott Hamilton, Buxton - Sandringham
$1,850,000(Vendor Bid)
$1,850,000(Vendor Pass)
Passed In

Kathy Russell
Divorce 50 %. Out of control reno 15%. Good home with James 1%. We're cheap.
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