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1 Illawarra Road, HAWTHORN

1 Illawarra Road, HAWTHORN

BOUGHT* - $2,625,000
It was the days of Disco, some 40 years ago, when this property last strutted its stuff in the market place. Times really have changed, the price paid back then for the property was under $80,000. Today it’s a land opportunity and Michael Hingston accepts a bid to open at $2,300,000 before upping it to $2,400,000 with a vendor bid. The agents head in to update the vendor and come back out determined to get some more money from the crowd. Bidder 1 offers $10,000, the count of three looms and so Bidder 2 fires up with $10,000. On it goes, slow and steady. Bidder 2 remains stone faced as the underbidder at $2,550,000. Bidder 2 is running the numbers in their head and soon shakes it from side to side. Passed into Bidder 1 for negotiations, meanwhile others with interest are encouraged to stick around.
Saturday 8 September 2018, 10:00 AM
Michael Hingston, Jellis Craig - Glen Iris
David Macmillan, Jellis Craig - Glen Iris
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Randall Smith
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