32 Wheatland Road, MALVERN

32 Wheatland Road, MALVERN

BOUGHT* - Undisclosed
A bid of $3,500,000 saw the auction underway, auctioneer Marcus Chiminello called for a rise of $50,000 as the rest of the crowd stood quiet. With what felt like a slow start half time was called. Bidder 2 was quick to join in once the bidding was reopened and Bidder 1 and 2 took the bids to $3,600,000 when Bidder 3 came in with an up bid to $3,750,000. The home was announced on the market at $3,870,000 which enticed Bidder 4 to have their turn. Bidders 1 and 2 were out and the bids continued between Bidder 3 and 4 until the home was knocked down for an undisclosed amount.
Saturday 8 September 2018, 10:30 AM
Marcus Chiminello, Marshall White - Stonnington
James Tomlinson, Marshall White - Stonnington
$3,500,000(Vendor Bid)
Under Hammer

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