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44 Packington Street, PRAHRAN

44 Packington Street, PRAHRAN

PASSED IN - $1,620,000
Auctioneer Andrew McCann was amused this afternoon when his first bidder at 44 Packington Street called out a bid of $1,000,000. ā€˜Iā€™m not here to sell half the property,ā€™ Mr McCann replied and put forward a vendor bid of $1,600,000. After a lengthy pause a second bidder offered an additional $10,000. As a passerby in a car called out that it was a bargain, Mr McCann began to count down the auction when Bidder 3 stepped forward with another $10,000 rise. With no further bids, the property was passed in to Bidder 3 for $1,620,000. Negotiations continued inside.
Saturday 8 September 2018, 1:00 PM
Andrew McCann, Jellis Craig - Armadale
Daniel Joyce, Jellis Craig - Armadale
$1,600,000(Vendor Bid)
Passed In

Kathy Russell
What's the difference between a real bidder and a dummy bidder? About $75,000.
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