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18 Selborne Road, TOORAK

18 Selborne Road, TOORAK

BOUGHT* - $6,010,000
Auctioneer Andrew Hayne steps out and asks for a reasonable start to begin. Bidder 1 immediately offers $5,400,000. Bidder 2 submits a $50,000 raise and the two duke it out. The bidding stalls at $5,700,000, and Mr Hayne ducks inside. After the break the more shy bidders emerge, and at $5,770,000 the property is on the market. Bidders 4 and 5 now carry it along in $10,000 increments. The bid reaches $5,990,000 and Bidder 4 begins to hesitate. They give it one last shot at a round $6,000,000, but Bidder 5 comes straight back and wins the auction for $6,010,000.
Saturday 8 September 2018, 1:30 PM
Andrew Hayne, Marshall White - Stonnington
Richard Mackinnon, Marshall White - Stonnington
Under Hammer

Kieran Jiwa
We surveyed 100 high wealth people on a "tricky" property and the "values" ranged between $3m and $12m.
That's incredible and that's dangerous.
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