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47 Montclair Avenue, BRIGHTON

47 Montclair Avenue, BRIGHTON

BOUGHT* - $1,570,000
Auction day ends with a bang as the clouds clear, and we even see a peek of warmth cut through the chilly Melbourne day. Is it the weather that brings the crowds and the action - who knows, but it's certainly arrived. There's about 80 people who cluster in the dog-leg street between North and Martin, a well heeled precinct and this is entry level buying. Nick Renna is bristling with energy and there's lots of young couples looking to take a step into the market or getting some first hand experience while watching. Nick is very practised and smooths the awkward silence by tabling a low start - pretty smart trying not to scare potential buyers away. Two buyers feel comfortable enough to join in and they are happy to trade $10,000 bids upwards with Bidder 2, a mature gent who has taken charge of a three person group and Bidder 1, a single fella over the road supported by Jellis Craig staff. It's extremely convivial and Bidder 2 wants to know if we are on the market and Nick says, yes, we are without breaking stride at $1,410,000. The two continue upward, and it's pretty quick without any of the usual hesitation and game playing but finally there's a pause from Bidder 1 at $1,560,000 and when Nick asks if he is out, he smiles at the group that is Bidder 2 and says they will look lovely in their new house. It's sweet! Nick tried to get him to further engage but it's all over and the group of Bidder 2 is just delighted and it's a feel-good moment to finish the day.
Saturday 24 November 2018, 3:00 PM
Nick Renna, Jellis Craig - Brighton
Leanne Potter, Jellis Craig - Brighton
$1,300,000(Vendor Bid)
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