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11 Alford Street, BRIGHTON EAST

11 Alford Street, BRIGHTON EAST

PASSED IN - $1,700,000
There's a sparse group clustered around the home on Alford Street and Luke Evans says he isn't going to make any political jokes today - there's enough of them in parliament. The small crowd have a bit of a giggle but it's very quiet as he runs through act one. Just as he is finishing up a well dressed gent alights from a car parked nearby and strolls towards him. "One point seven" he announces loudly! Everyone looks delighted at some action, but there's nothing else happening, so the home is passed in to him.
Saturday 24 November 2018, 2:00 PM
Luke Evans, McGrath Sandringham - SANDRINGHAM
Fran Harkin, McGrath Sandringham - SANDRINGHAM
Passed In

Catherine Ross
He's not listening is he. Let us help you pull into line.
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